All Things Common was birthed in 2005 after hearing a message on sharing with our church family. He talked about the things that we may have stored up in our homes. He said while we are keeping our son's crib, he's all grown up and has had children of his own and we're still holding on to this when someone who may need it  is wondering where they are going to get one for their child.

The problem we were faced with was who has something and who needs something?

I was inspired to create a system to meet the need to bless and the need to be blessed. After many God-inspired (early in the mornings and late in the evenings) writing what he would prompt me to pen in my spirit, I had the pleasure of introducing this program to my church in February of 2005.

The program was initially for the members but word spread quickly to those in the nearby community for those who needed assistance with help concerning furniture, appliances, homelessness,jobs, and the list goes on.

Our mission is to collect new and used gently used household items and services to distribute them among the church and community members who are experiencing financial difficulties.

All Things Common reached out to others in the community for donations, volunteers and services and met with many willing givers. The volunteers who would pick up and deliver donations had such giant hearts. They worked in the winter months as if it was summer. They had the same attitude all year round. We were so blessed with those who worked with the center and we all worked as a team. We also had such great support from the our church "New Birth Christian Ministries" and many other congregations in the surrounding.area.

‚ÄčThe concept of this program is to link those with specific needs to the people or resources willing to supply those needs.We accept gently used and new items, clothing that is clean and in good repair, acts of kindness such as in-kind donations as well as monetary donations.

Those donating will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

All Things Common Resource center has been a valuable service to its community by providing such things as household appliances, furniture, job leads, food items, cash assistance (when available) temporary housing, and whatever the need, ATC would search out the means to meet it. Whether through the church members, community, or community businesses, we would do our best to find the needed resource.

All Things Common Resource Center

And the multitude of them that believed was of one heart and one soul. Neither said any of them that any of the things which they possessed was his own, but they had all things common.  Acts 4:32

All Things Common is located within the April Lane warehouse/business district just off of Courtright Road on the near east side of Columbus. You must call for assistance, 614-754-8748 or email us at