Through the collaborative efforts and generosity of many volunteers, church community groups and organizations, CORE anticipates serving thousands of people in need each year. Since opening our doors in early 2012, we have provided countless hours of services to those in need of utilizing multiple resources. 

Collaboration of Organized Resources Engaged (CORE), as a community development corporation in partnership with Minority & Independent Contractors Alliance (MICA), is offering a nontraditional classroom hands on training which will increase opportunities for Columbus youth and adults to obtain and retain residential construction employment. This will accomplish a rapid learning curve with knowledge of basic renovation task. Our program includes using both a deconstruction program and a renovation program to allow students to understand how buildings are constructed through the process of deconstruction and rebuilding the same unit. CORE will revitalize neighborhoods by repairing blighted, vacant and foreclosed housing in low income areas while enhancing community development. CORE will purchase property to be renovated and rented or sold under the market value for affordable housing.


Currently we are holding life skills and healthy relationship classes at our resource center and Life Skills Center on South Hamilton Rd. These classes teach how to perform basic domestic activities in the most efficient and least costly manner. Our healthy relationship classes feature guest speakers and group discussions as well. 


Life Skills Training 

Daily Living Skills

Vocational Training  

Educational Guidance 

Parenting Classes

The Ohio Benefit Bank 

Community Resource Skills


Leadership Skills and Development


Within the past year CORE has served over 2,000 people in need. Our abundance of volunteers have taken part in providing clothes, furniture, appliances and other household goods to those  in need. CORE has also partnered with several other organizations to ensure that we are able to create individualized programs for people from all walks of life.