From paint preparation to erecting garages, these T.R.I.P. students are putting time in as they learn the skills of housing construction. As they hone their skills, they are also earning while they learn. 

If the students are living at home, they agree to assume a household expense in their steps toward improving their environment and community. Also savings accounts are required in order to master the the ability to handle financial affairs.

We believe that there are no limits on how far  these young people will go with a little instructions and a few positive mentoring from those who see their potential. 



Our goal is to facilitate a strategic community wide model that will increase opportunities for Columbus youth,young adults and repeat offenders to obtain residential construction employment.

This program is for youth who are not going to college directly after high graduation or have challenges in the classroom but have the ability to learn a skilled trade also for repeat offenders with records that are barriers preventing them from obtaining a fair wage paying job.

Our program is a non traditional hands-on training in which we concentrate on the physical work to develop job skills. This will accomplish a rapid learning curve with knowledge of basic renovation tasks. The program includes using both a deconstruction program and a renovation program to allow students to understand how buildings are constructed.

Various opportunities are available for this course such as:

House inspector



Drywall hangers


Floor techs


Building Donations Needed

If you or anyone that you know, own  property and you want to get rid of it because of the cost of repair or  past overdue taxes,CORE is in need of buildings for future projects. All of the projects will either be sold or rented to low income families after renovation project is complete. 

All donated properties are tax deductible. Please contact the CORE office at 614-239-4640 for more information on how you may help.